Episode 2 Water System - AguaClara

Today we are focusing on the water system of the home. For most of us in North America, accessing water is as easy as turning on the tap. We think little of how the water gets to us and seldom worry about not having the water we need for drinking, cooking, bathing and our other daily activities. It often feels as if we have an endless supply, but in many parts of the world the reality is very different. Accessing clean potable water is a daily concern.

Today I welcome two guests to World House Radio who are addressing this issue.

Monroe Weber-Shirk who is a senior lecturer in the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Cornell University. And Melissa Wrolstad a masters engineering student at Cornell. They are both involved in AguaClara, a project of the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at Cornell that strives to improve water quality through innovative research, knowledge transfer, open source engineering and design of sustainable water treatment systems.

For more information on the AguaClara project, visit:

The two songs used in today's program both have 'water' in their titles. These songs were created by independent artists willing to share their music online for free. The artists can be found on garageband.com a website promoting new and emerging independent musicians. Visit these links to the artists:

ide (water music) by Marius Mellebye

God is in the Water by rapeBABY

Join us next week for another episode of World House Radio: Stories of Home.