Episode 3 Mobility System - SMART

The theme of this week's show is the mobility system of the home. With the most recent hike in gas prices, daily talk of global warming and climate change, and news about the latest hybrid vehicles, there are many questions about the future of mobility.

Today we welcome a guest who is working to understand these issues and plan for the future. Susan Zielinski is the Managing Director of the SMART project, which stands for Sustainable Mobility and Accessibility Research and Transformation. The SMART project is part of The Center for Advancing Research and Solutions for Society (CARSS) at the University of Michigan. She brings over twenty years of experience working on issues around transportation and sustainability. She spent a year as a Harvard Fellow focusing on New Mobility innovation and leadership. As a transportation planner with the City of Toronto, Susan worked on several successful initiatives and has served on a number of local, national and international committees focusing on new mobility. Susan earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto and her Masters in Environmental Studies from York University. She is a Registered Professional Planner and member of the Canadian Institute of Planners.

For more information on Susan Zielinski and the SMART project, check out the following links:



The two songs used in today's program are both about different modes of transportation. These songs were created by independent artists willing to share their music online for free. The artists can be found on garageband.com a website promoting new and emerging independent musicians. Here are links to the artists:

1000000 Planes by The Ticket That Exploded

Country Train by Phil Coley band

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